This blog was created to defend reason. It seems odd to have to defend reason, since the very process of arguing and criticizing is at the heart of the rational process. It would seem, therefore, that any attempt to attack or subvert reason begs the question and is condemned, a priori, to fail, since it would have to use reason to attack or subvert it.

But, despite this evident fact, there are more critics than defenders of reason today.

That is why this blog pays homage to Hugh Akston, the rational philosopher in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged — described by her as “the last of the great advocates of reason”  — “or the first of their return” (p. 330 – Location 7802 in the Kindle Edition).

I will discuss here issues that have to do with rationality. And hope to keep the flame alight.

In São Paulo, Brazil, September 7, 2013
(Day of my 70th birthday)

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